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Negotiation to Event; What it Takes


Tonight you'll take a journey from the light into the darkness. To shine on what it takes for a fighter and his team to go from the negotiation table to the glamour and spectacle of the event for you to enjoy.

Depending on what side you stand, you are either the favorite or the opponent. Which in some cases it's a state of mind. Although being on the right team does increase your chances of success, when you are the favorite, your team has a lot of say on the opponent, weight, purses, etc.  In life nothing is certain, but if the right choices are made and the game plan is executed, victory will be affirmed.

For the opponent, it is all an uphill battle and a harder road through an uncertain path. In most cases, little is known about the other fighter's height, stance, record and his abilities. These are very important information which helps increasing the odds of victory and lessening the chances of defeat. It shames me to admit that about 75% of all boxers have no other choice but to accept a fight on a promoter's terms.

Depending on the level, record, age etc., it is not the chances of winning or losing which are the focus of the opponent in choosing to take a fight, it is merely a tool to determine their pay on that particular night. The underdog usually ends up on the losing end, but on those rare occasions when the opponent pulls the upset: in that particular moment in time, it is when the light shines on boxing. Its where hope, inspiration and desire reflects on some great young hopefuls eyes. In some little unknown boxing gym in a remote part of the world, another Manny Pacquiao is born. That's the uncertainty in the sport that brings us all to love what goes on in the squared circle.

Once both parties agree training camp starts. Depending on the level, number of rounds the magnitude of the fight and where you stand, training camp can be really elaborate, or as rugged as you can imagine. All of the elements are taken into consideration: height, stance and abilities of the opponent is carefully reviewed to conjure up a fight plan. This is where a good team is vital. A proper game plan and execution is the difference between winning and losing. The rest is up to the pugilist. The drive, ambition, determination and state of mind is what will take the fighter from the game plan to true victory.

All of the factors for the fighter's success are worked out in training. The camp that best accomplishes these steps, will usually win the fight no matter where they stand.

When camp breaks and the event is a week away, medicals are checked to insure a fighter’s health and his weight must be on schedule. Depending on the level of the show or the promoter, a press conference is put together so that fans can see the fighters meet face to face and speak about their particular fights. The press, lights, and cameras will all be in attendance on that night.

At that point training is diminishing. The last few pounds are shed in the last few days, leading up to the bout. Contingent on what state the fight takes place, you will either weigh in the day before or the day of the event and also get a final physical by the doctor. Once both fighters have stepped onto the scales and it's approved by the commission the fight becomes official. Then, it’s a matter of hours to show time.

Although we have arrived to the end of our voyage, there's numerous amounts of hurdles that both fighters have to overcome. To some they are more detrimental than others. Personal life, Injuries, mindset, financial situation are all adversities that fighters must overcome. All these happen throughout the path to the show.

Thank you for being a part of the boxing world and all the wonders it brings. We hope you enjoy our first endeavors through the world behind the light of boxing. Come back and journey with us on February 1st, 2013.



Welcome to the Light of Boxing!

Boxing, like most everything competitive in life, consists of two sides: winners & losers. Although the fans can feel the thrill, excitement, hype, and glamour created by the lights, crowd, cameras and anticipated action…they know not what goes on behind the scenes of each side.

The winning team can see their art work on canvas. For that particular night, in that moment, that second, it's all worth it for the victors. For the losing team, it's the exact opposite, as the blame game begins. Each member of the team points fingers at each other, the promoters, managers, referees, judges etc. All the negative and dark moments that happened prior to fight will be both magnified and questioned. Ultimately, that is why success is the difference between regret and gratitude.

This column will highlight just that difference. The miniscule line between winning and losing: the good, the bad and the ugly detailing what it takes to get there. Both the night & days sides of the sport will be revealed here on a bi-weekly basis. 

We will be exploring the first of these ongoing topics on Jan 15th by detailing that the path that a fighter must endure from contract to fight night. Please check back in the 1st and 15th of each month for new articles.