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Welcome to the Light of Boxing!

Boxing, like most everything competitive in life, consists of two sides: winners & losers. Although the fans can feel the thrill, excitement, hype, and glamour created by the lights, crowd, cameras and anticipated action…they know not what goes on behind the scenes of each side.

The winning team can see their art work on canvas. For that particular night, in that moment, that second, it's all worth it for the victors. For the losing team, it's the exact opposite, as the blame game begins. Each member of the team points fingers at each other, the promoters, managers, referees, judges etc. All the negative and dark moments that happened prior to fight will be both magnified and questioned. Ultimately, that is why success is the difference between regret and gratitude.

This column will highlight just that difference. The miniscule line between winning and losing: the good, the bad and the ugly detailing what it takes to get there. Both the night & days sides of the sport will be revealed here on a bi-weekly basis. 

We will be exploring the first of these ongoing topics on Jan 15th by detailing that the path that a fighter must endure from contract to fight night. Please check back in the 1st and 15th of each month for new articles.

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