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MAK Team
    ANGEL, Jr. 



Manny Rivera - Manager/CEO

This rising entrepreneurial manager brings over 10 years of boxing industry experience to MAK Boxing Management. Rivera has trained several fighters and worked as a corner man for some of the regions toughest boxers.

"Personally witnessing the pitfalls of fighters from the corner and in the gym, I looked to put together a boxing management team that worked not only for the success of a fighter, but for his future after boxing. We will protect our fighters from the dirty dealings of Promoters, Matchmakers and others in this business, who continually take advantage of fighters. These athletes have nothing to show for all the hardwork and dedication when their careers are over. I want to make sure every fighter we work with gets exactly what they deserve and leaves the ring better suited for their future outside the squared circle."

The spirited Rivera has quickly become known in the promotional and matchmaking circles as a ruthless negotiator and meticulous manager who works to make ensure that the fighter is treated well and properly moved to best position himself for continued success.

"We want our fighters to not only be successful in their own life, but to give back to others less fortunate. As part of MAK Boxing, our fighters will give back to the community and we feel it will help them become some of the more popular boxers in the region. We will only be successful if our fighters are satisfied with the efforts we put forth in providing them with opportunities to better themselves. Our vision caters to most any fighter and we wish to be known as one of the most sought after companies by any young fighter in the sport today."

Kurt Wolfheimer - Co-Manager/Publicist


Kurt Wolfheimer provides extensive experience in the boxing industry, having also worked over 10 years as a boxing writer/publicist for some of the leaders in the boxing world. Kurt has been ringside for the industry's top website,, handling most of the the East Coast. He is regionally known as one of the busiest reporters and is in constant contact with Matchmakers throughout the country. Being an editor for 
opens up a wealth of opportunities for MAK fighters.

"I have seen throughout the years how fighters are used by scrupulous promoters, managers and advisors, leaving the ring with nothing in their pockets after their boxing career is finished. It is one of the major reasons that I joined up with MAK Boxing Management. We are truly a family. Our team will work hard to ensure that each fighter will get the proper bouts in order to maximize their abilities as they rise through the professional ranks."

"We want our fighters to give back to the community and become role models to young kids. When a MAK boxer fights on your card, his reputation will certainly proceed him, as he will be known as someone that fans, sponsors and the community are proud of."


Angel Ocasio - Recruiting Coordinator

 The rising young lightweight star brings a wealth of knowledge and boxing experience into the area of recruiting. Angel has been a fixture in the Philadelphia gym scene, helping out fellow boxers since his youth. Ocasio knows what it takes to be a fighter and is already boxing under the MAK Boxing Management banner.

Angel knew that he wanted more from boxing and at the tender age of twenty one, he joined MAK Boxing as a recruiting coordinator. Ocasio's relationships inside the fight arena gives him a tremendous circle to work with and ability to find the type of individuals best suited to fight under the MAK Boxing team. Ocasio knows firsthand the working, relationships and ideals that MAK Boxing looks for in a boxer and exemplifies those traits himself.

"We are one big family here at MAK Boxing and I am very satisfied with the company strategy. I feel that others will surely see the integrity and efforts that our team puts into its fighters to help them achieve their goals."

"We at MAK Boxing are not only looking for the best fighters, but good people as well, who are willing to share their efforts with those less fortunate."


Angel “Papo” Ocasio Sr. - Head Trainer


Angel Ocasio Senior brings over twenty years of training expertise to the MAK Boxing management team. “Papo” Ocasio has trained and worked the corner for some of the best fighters in the region.

His wealth of knowledge in the professional realm and the amateur circuit has made him one of the more sought after trainers in the Tri-State area.

Ocasio, Sr. has proven his ability to mold fighters into world title prospects. Presently training up and coming lightweight Angel Ocasio, as well as several rising amateur stars waiting to turn pro, its only a matter of time before a world champion is in the MAK Boxing stable.


Rob Quinonez- Assistant Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach

Rob Quinonez has worked with several of the best fighters in the region as a Strength & Conditioning coach and Assistant Trainer.

One thing is certain when Rob's in your corner... you will be confident and ready for anything that comes at you in the ring. He has become a master at sculpting the fighters to become the best that they can be.




Tom Velasquez- Photographer/ Videographer



Tom has an extensive knowledge in the photography field and provides essential assistance with both video and photo work for all fighters in the MAK Boxing stable.

Tom has acquired a keen insight, as both the father of talented amateur prospect TJ Velasquez, and by working closely with other rising Philly prospects. A regular at the gyms throughout the Philadelphia area, Tom has grown to know the inside of the game that only few photographers have. Whether its a press conference, training session, or fight, you can be sure that Tom is there providing the highest quality photo & video work.